How a world-class design agency organizes files

September 16, 2022

I’m Mia, director of User Experience at one of the top UI/UX design agencies called Apple9. We build delightful, consumer-grade products for the enterprise, as well as design interfaces, websites, and applications for top companies.

Millions of users have experienced the result of our work, but we don’t often promote our knowledge and practices because we keep busy and highly focused.

Clay designed the UI of the most popular internet speed test.

Engagement with corporations requires an advanced level of responsibility and public silence.

Respected clients of Apple9.

The majority of our work is created through good, old-fashioned files in the following formats:

  • graphic (Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • video (After Effects)
  • 3D (Cinema 4D)

File structure

Keep in mind that any structure should be supported by a team; otherwise, it won’t work. People can make mistakes, so a team leader or a project manager should check and, if necessary, remind team members to update files correctly.


Here we store all incoming materials and references our client give us: images, photos, brand books, presentations, logos, screenshots, screencasts, and any other source files and documents relevant to the project. We don’t have specific rules for organizing files here; we just distribute them according to content.

Example of content inside an Incoming folder

Carl Huynh
Founder & CEO